Weather Manipulation

The weather is getting more intense, and many people blame it on God’s wrath, but there is a more sinister explanation.

That’s not to say that God is not allowing these things to happen according to His will, but let’s be clear, the elite establishment who worship Lucifer are causing the major weather problems, so that they can control and kill people.  They do this by:

  • Manipulating the jet streams to cause increased temperatures and reduced precipitation, which is causing droughts and reducing the food supply.
  • Guiding the paths of hurricanes by heating the water ahead of the storm.
  • Activating volcanos by beaming energy directly into the volcano.
  • Generating earthquakes by beaming resonant frequencies into the fault lines.

Think about it… this is the ultimate weapon, because people either blame Mother Nature or God… but they don’t suspect that it’s caused by people who seek to control the world.

A missile strike obviously reveals who caused it, but events like the 2011 Japan earthquake seem to have a natural explanation.

60 Geo-Engineered Fire Storms in Northern California Out of Nowhere

At 1 am on October 8, 2017; 60 separate explosive fires like never before seen hit Sonoma and Napa Counties up to Mendocino County. Around 11:30 pm last night winds began to swirl out of nowhere. There was no weather event predicted or forecast.

At 1 am over 60 fires combusted but there was no lightning, and no warning. Mass evacuations in the middle of the night took place. many running out of gas heading West to the coast, since north 101 at Santa Rosa and East to Napa were on fire.

Napa California Fires: Where did the HOUSES GO?? What twisted the steel??


HAARP can generate a powerful energy beam that resonates at 2.5 Hz, which is the resonant frequency of an earthquake, which causes a fault to vibrate and slip,
generating an earthquake.

Here’s a snapshot of the signal that the Alaska HAARP facility was generating before the 2011 Japan earthquake, which you can see they shut off after the quake occurred.

The primary technology for weather control came from Nikoli Tesla

Nikoli Tesla was a brilliant inventor, and he developed technology to control weather by beaming focused energy upwards into the Earth’s atmosphere, so that it would bounce back down at predetermined locations.

The HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska has 180 antennas with 30 power control trucks, and a power plant down the road. The antennas send out signals that converge in one spot, to create a powerful 3.6 Megawatt power beam.

This can send powerful energy waves to any point on earth, to create intense heat and/or to cause extreme vibrations.

Scalar Weapon Technology

Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” investigates Project HAARP

Jet Stream Manipulation

By creating droughts and thus famines, large populations could be easily controlled or eliminated.  Other countries can be easily controlled and brought to their knees by a global power by controlling their weather.

By keeping the northern Polar jet stream high and preventing the cold Artic air from dipping down into the U.S., record high temperatures were set in 2012.

By keeping the southern Subtropical  jet stream low, the moisture from the Pacific and Gulf isn’t pulled up into the U.S.  In 2012, severe drought was declared in 60% of U.S. counties.

Here are maps that show where HAARP is broadcasting, and at what level; then an actual weather map, that follows the HAARP signals.

Notice where the HAARP frequency is highest, matches up with where the most severe weather is occurring.

Here’s a map from January when the U.S. experienced the Polar Vortex. It seems pretty clear that they were projected HAARP signals into the very spot where they wanted the Artic air to hit.



Just match up the highest readings of the HAARP signal generators, to the weather map, and you will see the direct correlation to the most extreme weather conditions.











You can clearly see that the weather patterns are following the HAARP signals. This has led to severe weather that has caused deaths.


Chemtrails comprised of fine dust containing polymers and metals (aluminum) are filling the atmosphere, to increase the effectiveness of weapons that control the weather.

What in the World Are They Spraying?

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed. Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger

“Why in the World are They Spraying?” Documentary

So how can you protect yourself?

Dr Ed Group talks chemtrails and heavy metal detox, aluminum poisoning and chronic illness


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Kristine Cooper December 11, 2016 at 12:47 am

I appreciate the information you have gathered. I have always believed computers and technology are Satan’s tools. Now we are in the age where the environment has been completely sold out. 115 MILLION trees dead in California, with that number to skyrocket next summer. Countless species of animals lost forever. All because humans discovered how to inject sin into the weather. So far, the aerial assault has eliminated every opportunity for rain in California. The spraying continues daily, in broad daylight, and shows no signs of stopping. Why should it? Someone has invested too much money already, and the public remains clueless. God help us, PLEASE! Without rain, what is life?


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