The Ultimate Goal of the Illuminati

What is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati?

It is not just World Government, though they do seek to consolidate and exert all political power from their future Jerusalem world capital.

Moreover, their true goal is not just more and more money, though they do possess an inordinate, virtually insatiable and mad desire to acquire and spend great wealth.

Their destiny, the Illuminati are persuaded, is to reign as “Kings of the Earth” and to dominate their subjects with absolute and unquestioned power and authority.

The true, ultimate goal of these despicable men is to control the world and exalt their god Lucifer, in an attempt to overthrow the true Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

Now you may not believe in God and reject the above statement, but that doesn’t change the fact that these evil men seek to destroy ALL religions but theirs.

They will also seek to destroy atheists, who don’t believe in God.

And they will force people to join them in their religious system, or be killed.

Make no mistake, this is a colossal and epic spiritual rebellion – a foul, filthy and thoroughly abominable attempt – which is doomed to failure – to defeat the very powers of Heaven.

And though it seems like they are gaining the whole world, their plan is flawed and unworkable, because God will overcome them and judge them for their evil deeds.

Just like Judas (who betrayed Jesus), their destiny is foretold in advance.

God is using the Illuminati to fulfill His plans, to draw humble people to Him, to refine those who believe in Jesus, and to judge those who reject Jesus as Lord.

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