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This page will feature updates on Operation Jade Helm.

JADE = Joint Assistance for Deployment and Execution
HELM = Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.

From July 15th to September 15th of 2015, the US Army’s Green Berets, US Navy Seals, US Marines Special Ops Command and US Air Force Special Ops Command will be taking part in ‘Jade Helm 15’, 8 weeks of night time drills in 7 states in the southwestern portion of America in which the states of Texas and Utah are both labeled ‘hostile’ territory in the ‘drills’ as outlined in more detail in the US Army Special Ops Command documents. Florida and Mississippi have been added to the list of states, so now there are 9.

This is Psy-Op program for the American people, to get used to troops in their cities, but the potential for something big to happen is real.

Just keep in mind that ‘drill’s were being run during 9/11, the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook, so any time the government is running a drill, it has the potential for much more.

Possible Scenarios which could take the operation live.

ISIS Attacks

There are reports of ISIS training camps in Mexico. With the underground train systems running into Mexico, they could be brought in undetected.

Keep in mind that ISIS is controlled by the CIA, so whatever they do is at the command of the Jesuits who control the CIA.

ISIS attacks would put America into Martial Law, so that both ISIS and Special Op’s can capture/kill militants during the battle.

Financial Collapse

Many people are pointing to a financial collapse in the fall of 2015, so this operation would have the military in place for Martial Law.

Jonathan Cahn and John Hagee are being used to point to God causing the economic collapse, so that when the evil ones cause it to happen, the world will blame the God of the Bible, and hate Christians all the more.

Quadrillions of Dollars are at risk in the derivatives market, most of which are based around the Interest Rate. When the Interest Rate rises, the derivatives market will crash, which will crash the global economy.

The Federal Reserve Board is meeting on April 28-29, June 16-17, July 28-29, Sept 16-17. Looking at this schedule I would expect that the announcement may be announced in July or September.

A Tsunami Event

Many people are pointing to a tsunami event on the east coast, so this operation would have the military in place for Martial Law.

The NY Federal Reserve is moving their operations to Chicago. This is very telling about their preparing for something to happen on the East Coast.

An EMP Event

It has been rumored several times that there will be a false flag take down of our power grid by the NSA ushering in Martial Law.

The government is moving it’s command control center back into Cheyenne Mountain at NORAD, apparently out of fear of an EMP blast.

This would not be done in a manner as to not destroy the infrastructure, but on a temporary level to take down the power grid, which would cause Martial Law and many people dying from famine.

Who are the potential targets?

Militant Groups and ex-military may be targeted.

The evil ones can’t take over this country until the biggest threats are removed, so the targets may be militant groups, and ex-military.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has started the process of disarming America’s veterans by getting them placed on the FBI’s criminal background-check list. The VA sends veterans’ personal medical and financial information directly to the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which can seize their guns in home raids.

Veterans deemed mentally incompetent or financially incapable are finally speaking out about the errors in the system and the fearful harassment they and their families face from the federal government. And it all starts when vets go to the VA to get medical help.

The Bundy Ranch and others near Gold Butte, NV

The standoff at the Bundy Ranch in April, 2014, was about the BLM grabbing land because in Gold Butte, NV, that are massive gold and silver reserves.

So I would expect the Bundy Ranch and other ranches in that area to be taken over.

The Galice Mining District in Josephine County, Oregon

This year in Josephine County, Oregon, 10 miles West of Grants Pass in the Galice Mining District, the BLM has given the miners until April 25th to cease and desist all mining operations, remove all buildings and mining equipment.

Oath Keepers are on site and Militia are on the way, but this is another potential target of this operation.

Gun Friendly States

Two of the states listed as “hostile” in the Jade Helm operation are Texas and Utah, which are two of the top seven states with the most “gun friendly regulations.

Texas has threatened to leave the Union. Texans are fiercely independent, well-armed and knowledgeable about their rights. All of those traits are a threat to the New World Order.

Here are the confirmed towns in Texas that are designated for special ops infiltration during Jade Helm: Bastrop, Smithville, Big Spring, Caddo Lake, Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio, Stanton, and Victoria

Don’t believe for a minute that the evil ones have given up their plan of taking away guns from Americans.

They won’t be able to do it with legislation, so it may have to be done under Martial Law.

This ‘drill’ is to practice extracting enemy combatives during the early hours of the night, which is only going to create situations for them to be shot.

American Citizens are being deemed as a Domestic Terrorists

Our government has said that a Domestic Terrorist is someone who defends the Constitution, who defends the second amendment, who believes the authority of the Bible over government, veterans, conservatives, preppers, etc.

Canada seems to be gearing up for something.

Canada’s Operation Maple Resolve is a massive military drill to be conducted April 20th – May 23rd at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta and involves nearly 4,500 military personnel from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

In timing with this, 133 Target stores in Canada have been closed. This bears an eerie reflection of Jade Helm and the closing of Walmarts.

In 2008, Canada and the U.S. signed an agreement that paves the way for military forces from either nation to send troops across each other’s borders during an “emergency”.

The Canadian/American drills on the border are significant as they clearly signal that Jade Helm is far more than a drill, it entails martial subjugation of the American people by an international force.

On April 9, this footage was taken In Edmonton, Alberta Canada. They said they Train carrying all the Military Equipment was Head Toward the West Coast of US!

Discrepancies in their story

They claim that it will feature special operations soldiers acting covertly, but they are transporting a huge amount of armored vehicles, which would not fit into a covert operation.

They claimed that they would run drills in only 7 states, then Mississippi and Florida were added, and no doubt there will be more.

Walmarts will be directly involved.

Walmarts all have facial recognition cameras at the entrance. 90% of people will go through a Walmart.

This ties into Facebook facial recognition systems, and to the NSA data base.

They can take over any Walmart to use for operations, detention, etc. The ordering system that Walmart uses can be used by the military to make orders. Here a map of their stores in the U.S.


30 shipping containers on a Walmart lot in Kansas raises concern amidst closings. There are no plans for major remodel of the store, so the contents of the containers is suspicious.

The five Walmarts that were closed on the same day, supposed because of plumbing problems are in Brandon, Florida; Pico Rivera, California; Livingston, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to ABC News, “no plumbing permits have been pulled in any of the five cities where the stores were suddenly closed for at least six months.”

It could be as simple as Walmart taking revenge on stores whose employees gave them the most labor trouble and forced Walmart to increase their minimum wage labor costs, increasing expenses by billions.

This “Why Walmarts Are Closing” video has become popular. It turns out that William Mount is a Knight of Malta, so either this is disinformation, or they are using him to warn us about what is going to happen. No ex-military person would be stupid enough to say the things that he did, if he was not protected.

The vehicles are being transported East out of Oroville California.

Per the Jade Helm operation designer:

He says that Texas is their main target, they will be spread all over Texas.

He said that they train in circumstances that will be similar to their next mission. So to fight in a desert, you train in a desert.

Here they are training in cities and urban areas, which tells you were their next fight is, perhaps in America.

They have Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s) and tunnels that connect them.

This would allow them to transport troops around the country without being detected.



Related Executive orders, documents and laws.

Executive Order 13603 which, among other concerning things, endorses Obama’s unilateral ability to enact a civilian inmate slave labor program.

Army Resettlement/Internment document, FM3-39.4 which states Americans (Second Amendment supporters, former Ron Paul supporters, pro-life supporters, Constitutionalists, etc.), are some of the targets for forced incarceration into what is euphemistically called a FEMA camp.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allows Obama to indefinitely detain Americans without due process of law.

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