911 Truth

It’s very important to know the truth about 9/11 because it changed the world forever.

We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller at the U.N. in 1994.

Here’s a short 5-minute video that shows the absurdity of the 9/11 cover up.

Look at the results to see how 9/11 has pushed us towards the NWO:

Wars The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq has cost thousands of soldiers lives and Trillions in war costs which put us further in debt slavery to the elite bankers.

The Patriot Act – It dismantles the Bill of Rights and empowers their control over true patriots who oppose them.

Homeland Security/FEMA – This agency is designed to control Americans under the guise of protecting us.

Conditioning – Their invasive TSA airport, bus station, and now roadway searches (gropings) are conditioning people to submit to their orders and control.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

My goal with this page is to provide you the BIG PICTURE, so that you can see that it is reasonable to conclude that 9/11 was a ‘false flag event’, not an Islamic terrorist attack.

False flag events are covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.

In the case of 9/11, the blame was placed on Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda and Islamic Terrorists. I will point out facts that most people don’t know about the events that occurred before, during and after 9/11… which point to a more sinister enemy.

And I will ask you questions to help you draw your own conclusion.

NOTE: References are given for people that were involved that are Jewish.  They are there because you need to see that the Israeli Mossad (and CIA) was behind the False Flag event.


Did you know that a 3rd building fell on 9/11, 7 hours after the Twin Towers collapsed?

The most important piece of evidence that the WTC’s didn’t collapse because of the airplanes, is revealed in this video about the 47-story building that was demolished.

THE DESIGN OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTERS The engineers who designed the Twin Towers realized that because of their height, they could be hit by planes, so they were constructed to withstand MULTIPLE hits from 747’s.

See what 1,500 Engineers, 220 Military and Government Officials, 250 Pilots and 300 9/11 Survivers say about 9/11


Would it seem suspicious to you that the Bush family was friends with the bin Laden’s?

  • Osama bin Laden was trained by the CIA, of which George Bush Sr. was the Director
  • Bush Sr. used to manage millions of Dollars for the bin Laden’s at The Carlyle Group
  • Osama bin Laden’s brother, Salem, invested in Bush Jr.’s Arbusto Oil Company


On September 11, 1991, George Bush Sr. gave a speech before congress saying:
It’s more than a big idea… it’s a new idea… It’s a NEW WORLD ORDER!”

Do you believe that it’s a coincidence that 9/11 happened exactly 10 years later during the presidency of his son?


President George W. Bush’s brother Marvin Bush and his cousin, Wirt Walker III, were both principals of the company, Securacom, which had the security contract on the World Trade Center, giving them FULL ACCESS to the building before 9/11.

Six months prior to 9/11, for the first time, the WTC was “privatized” by being leased to a private sector developer, Larry Silverstein (Jew), instead of being controlled by the Port Authority.

Who authorized the lease of the WTC complex to Silverstein? Lewis Eisenberg (Jew),  Chairman of the New York Port Authority.

Ronald S. Lauder (Jew) was on the board of directors of the NY board of privatization.

He is the key individual who lobbied for the privatization of the WTC, but he also got Stewart Airport, formerly Stewart AFB, to become privatized. Oddly, the flight paths of flight 175 and flight 11 converged directly over this airport.

Lauder is active in the following organizations, which show his allegiance:
– Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
– Jewish National Fund
– World Jewish Congress
– American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
– Anti-Defamation League
– Jewish Theological Seminary

That developer, Larry Silverstein, immediately took out terrorism insurance for 4 Billion Dollars, which he has collected, so he made a great profit.

In the weeks before 9/11, Deutsche Bank purchased huge put options (betting that a stock will go down in price) on American & United Airlines.  That was a sure bet because they knew the airlines would struggle after 9/11.


Shortly before 9/11, over 140 Israelis had been arrested for suspected espionage. Some of them were posing as Art students.

These suspects targeted or penetrated Military bases, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, U.S. Customs, IRS, INS, EPA, Interior Dept., U.S. Marshal’s Service, various U.S. Attorneys Offices, Secret government offices Unlisted private homes of law enforcement/intelligence officers. Most of the suspects served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units.

Dozens of Israelis were arrested in American malls kiosks selling toys, acting as a front for a spying operation.

60 detained suspects worked for the Israeli company AMDOCS which provides most directory assistance calls and almost call records and billings services for the U.S. by virtue of its contracts with the 25 largest telephone companies in the U.S.

All alleged 9/11 hijackers had fake IDs. During a joint FBI-CIA operation against the lead patsy hijacker Mohammad Atta in Fort Lee, NJ in 2001, the operation was photographed by Israeli agents and thereby compromised. These Jews were providing cover for the future patsy hijacker teams.


Following 9/11, over 60 Israelis were detained either under the Patriot anti-Terrorism Act or for immigrations violations. Some of them were active Israeli military personnel. A number of them failed polygraph examinations when questioned for surveillance activities against the U.S. Some of them were found to have been spying on Arabs.

This includes the “dancing Israelis” who were caught in multiple places filming, and cheering the attacks. These men admitted being mossad agents.

Their names were Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Schmuel, Oded Ellner.

They later appeared on an Israeli talk show and claimed to be “documenting the event”. CIA agent Robert Baer confirmed their cameras were set up BEFORE the first plane struck.

Another group of Israelis were caught with truck bombs around the George Washington Bridge.

A third group of Jews were caught with a van that had a mural painted on the side literally depicting the 9/11 attacks.

All of the white vans were working for the Mossad front company called “urban moving systems” under direction of Dominic Suter, a Mossad agent, who fled to Israel right after 9/11.

ALL of these Jews were sent back to Israel under direction of Michael Chertoff.


Normally the National Guard is setup to have a fighter jet in the air in 5 minutes to respond to emergencies.  Before 9/11, they were ordered to ‘stand down‘ which means that they were not to respond no matter what they saw on radar.

The reason for the ‘stand down’ orders on 9/11, was because our military just happened to be conducting training exercises that same day, where they were simulating planes flying into the WTC.

Do you think that’s just a coincidence?


Larry Silverstein, who had purchased the WTC’s only a few months before 9/11, had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant every single morning.

On 9/11 he never showed up. Neither did his daughter who worked in building 7.

Frank Lowy (Jew), owner of Westfield America. In May 2001, Westfield paid $US127 million for a 99-year lease on the retail area beneath the New York World Trade Center.Lowy was a member of the Golani Brigade, and fought in the Israeli war of independence.

Lowy steered clear of the WTC’s on 9/11.

On Sept. 10, 2001, the Tokyo branch of Goldman Sachs warned its American employees to steer clear of American buildings.

Israeli ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Forewarned

ZIM, an Israeli company, vacated its office (10,000 square feet) in the North WTC tower a few days before 9/11, breaking its lease.

49% of this company is owned by the Israeli government. The lease ran till the end of 2001, and the company lost $50,000 by breaking the lease. Later, FBI agent Michael Dick, who was investigating Israeli spying before and after 9/11 and looking into the suspicious move, was removed from his duties by the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, Michael Chertoff (Jewish).

Were Jews forewarned of the attacks?

Israeli instant messaging company, Odigo, admitted that two of its employees received instant messages warning of an impeding attack 2 hours prior to the first plane hitting.

This warning was not passed on to authorities, which could have saved thousands of lives.

Odigo has a feature on its service that allows the passing on of messages through a search feature based on nationality, such as Israeli. Knowing these two particular Jews were forewared, it is very likely they passed the message on to other Jews considering that out of the 4000 Israeli Jews believed to work in the trade towers, only ONE died that day.

Odigo has offices in New York, and in Herzliya, Israel. Herzliya happens to be the Head Quarters of Mossad. Do the math.

Odigo was later bought up by another Israeli company called Comverse. The CEO of Comverse was Kobi Alexander, “dual” Israeli-US citizen, with connections to Mossad. He has been charged on several counts of fraud.


ICTS International / Huntsleigh USA (wholly owned subsidiary), is owned by Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon, both Israeli Jews.

It is run by “experts” in the security and intelligence field. Israeli intelligence that is. Most employees were ex- Shin Bet agents.

Is this airport security company, who ran the security at Dulles, Logan, and Newark, really that shotty to allow 19 arabs on board 4 different planes with boxcutters, mace, and even a gun, or is there something else going on here?

ICTS was also in charge of airport security when the shoe bomber Richard Reid boarded a plane with a shoe bomb(allegedly).

A few hours before the Patriot Act was voted on, it was edited to make foreign companies in charge of security on 9/11 immune to lawsuits. This would prevent American courts from demanding that ICTS provide testimony or hand over the missing surveillance videos from the airports.


On 9/10/01, Donald Rumsfeld announced at a press conference that the Pentagon
CAN’T TRACK 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS in military spending.

Would you be shocked to learn that the exact department that housed the computers and people who were investigating the missing money was destroyed on 9/11?

There was no plane wreckage at the Pentagon site, meaning no engines, no tail, no luggage… just a round hole where something exploded.

The Pentagon has countless camera’s that monitor the perimeter, yet all of the videos that would show an airplane hitting the Pentagon were confiscated.

And the Pentagon has missile defense systems that could have shot an incoming airplane down, but they weren’t used.

If our military didn’t protect the Pentagon, then the leaders are either incompetent,
or they allowed it to happen.  Either way, there should be an investigation.

On the bottom of this page is an investigation video from former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura about the Pentagon attack cover up.


When you watched in horror as the buildings fell, did your mind logically tell you that steel-framed buildings don’t fall flat and turn into dust like that? Didn’t it seem like a professionally controlled demolition where the base structure was destroyed?

If a brick was dropped off the top of the WTC, it would take 9.5 seconds to hit the ground. The 120-floor buildings fell flat in 10.5 seconds.

To fall this fast, the collapse of the buildings had to be unimpeded, meaning the foundational structure was destroyed by something other than the planes.

William “Willy” Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who helped save hundreds of lives, and was the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers.

Willy had worked in WTC maintenance for 19 years and he testifies that there were explosions in the basement of the North Tower BEFORE the plane hit. He testifies that he saw small teams of men in white “HazMat” coveralls busily moving about the building in the weeks PRECEDING the attacks. And he says that 9/11 is the single most heinous crime and unconscionable fraud ever foisted on the inhabitants of this planet.

The official report says that the planes were traveling at over 560 MPH when they hit the buildings.

Those planes are capable of traveling at those speeds at 35,000 ft, because the air at that altitude is 1/3rd as dense, but they are unable to fly at 560 MPH at sea level, as the engines simply don’t have the power capability. The laws of physics tells us the official story is a lie.


WTC Building 7 was 47 stories tall.  Although it was not hit by an airplane, it completely collapsed into a pile of rubble in less than 7 seconds, seven hours after the collapses of the Twin Towers.

The WTC developer, Larry Silverstein, is recorded as saying that they decided to ‘pull’ the building, meaning demolish it.  But it takes months to plan out the demolition of a large building, not hours, so the demolition explosives had to be in the building before 9/11.

Barry Jennings, the former New York Housing Authority Emergency Coordinator and key 9/11 witness is on record stating, unequivocally and emphatically regarding Building 7, that “explosions were going off all over the place”—while the Twin Towers were still standing!

Barry suddenly died of unknown causes days before the release of NIST’s “amended” report on the collapse of WTC7.

However, no mention of its collapse appears in the 9/11 Commission’s “full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.”

Doesn’t it seem odd that a 47-story building can fall on 9/11, and it wasn’t included in the 9/11 Commissions official report?

Building 7 was demolished because it no doubt was the control center of the operation, so the evidence had to be destroyed quickly.


We were told that the fire from the jet fuel was so hot that it melted steel beams, which caused the twin towers to collapse.  But basic science says that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel beams.

Despite their claim, they magically found the undamaged passport of one of the alledged 9/11 hijackers on the pavement near the WTC complex.

Does it make any sense to you that the fireball and ensuing burning of jet fuel that supposed brought down the towers, somehow didn’t burn up a passport which was on the plane?


Daniel Lewin, an Israeli Jew, was confirmed to be a member of the special Israeli commando unit, the Sayeret Matkal, which specializes in “anti-hijack” takeovers and assassinations.

Originally, Betty Ong pointed to his seat, 9B, as the one shooting people with a gun and leading the hijacking. It was later changed to him being shot, later revised to him being stabbed.


The first plane to hit the WTC (North Tower) hit the computer room of Jewish-owned Kroll Associates (Managing Director Jerome M. Hauer), the company that had acquired control of building security after the 1993 bomb attack on the WTC. Precision guided by equipment in the office anyone?

Who could possibly remote control planes into the towers?

Dov Zakheim (Jew and dual citizen) helped develop remote airplane control technology System Planning Corporation.

He was appointed as Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) in 2001 by George W. Bush, and served in this capacity until April 2004.

Dov Zakheim was standing next to Donald Rumsfeld when he announced that the Pentagon had lost track of 2.1 Billion dollars.

The SPC Corporation provided the flight termination system and command transmitter system, the technology that allows planes to be remote controlled should the pilots be incapacitated or the plane hijacked.

Rabbi Dov Zakheim is the co-author of the PNAC paper on rebuilding America’s defenses advocating the necessity of a Pearl Harbor-like incident to mobilize America.

He served as Pentagon comptroller from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004. Two large sums of money disappeared from the Pentagon under him.

In the beginning $2.3 trillion was reported missing by Donald Rumsfeld (September 10, 2001) and later Zakheim was unable to account for another trillion dollars.

Zakheim also had squads of American F-15s and F-16s sold as surplus to Israel at a fraction of their value.


Alan D. Ratner’s Metals Management and the SIMS group, were in charge of disp0sing of the evidence. Ratner is Jewish. R

Ratner merged with the SIMS group and the Hugo Neu corporation, and they made a handsome profit. Ratner sold over 50,000 tons of crime scene evidence steel to a Chinese company at $120 per ton; Ratner had obtained them for $70 per ton.


Alvin K. Hellerstein – a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and has been involved in several high-profile 9/11 related cases including consolidated master case against three airlines, ICTS International NV and Pinkerton’s airport security firms, the World Trade Center owners, and Boeing Co., the aircraft manufacturer

Michael B. Mukasey – This Jew judge oversaw the litigation between Larry Silverstein and insurance companies after 9/11. Silverstein was awarded billions.

Kenneth Feinberg set up the victim’s compensation fund ($7 billion); the Jews managed to get 97% of the victims’ families to take the money in exchange for not demanding a legal investigation of 9/11. The minority of family members demanding an investigation had to deal with a special mediator: Jewess Sheila Birnbaum. Nothing happened though.

Benjamin Chertoff – (cousin of Michael Chertoff) wrote the 9/11 hit piece in Popular Mechanics debunking ‘9/11 conspiracies’ using ridiculous strawmen.

Stephen Cauffman – Leader of NIST coverup of WTC 7 destruction. These lowlifes continued to maintain that fire brought down WTC 7, a physical impossibility.


Watch this video to see the prime tenants (suspects) and their explosive connections.


On 9/12, 25 members of bin Laden’s family were flown to Texas at a rendevous point and then flown to Saudi Arabia.  This while the rest of American airspace was on lock down.

Doesn’t it seem odd that anyone, let alone relatives of bin Laden, would be allowed to fly out of the country the day after 9/11?


President Bush presented his Patriot Act before Congress just 11 days after Sept. 11.

It has 10,000 pages of legislation, which nobody could write in 11 days. That means that it was written before Sept. 11, which means there was prior knowledge.


When you want to know who’s behind something, ‘follow the money’. Blaming Islamic terrorists, specifically Osama bin Laden, allowed them to justify invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

The U.S. debt has soared from war expenses, which means that we owe more money and interest to the private bankers behind the Federal Reserve.

It allows the CIA to take control of the Opium trade to fund their secret operations.  And they were in Afghanistan to protect the new oil pipeline that is being built

The same bankers also own the large oil companies.  The first oil contract in Iraq went to Royal Dutch/Shell, the 2nd to BP and the 3rd to Exxon Mobil.

Ask yourself how PetroChina, who doesn’t have a lot of oil resources, has become the 2nd largest oil company in the world. It’s because they only pay $2/barrel to pull the oil out of Iraqi oilfields, then send it via pipelines to Haifa, Israel, where Rothchild ships take it to China for refining.

The elite also make huge profits from their businesses (Halliburton, G.E., DynCorp, etc.) that provide products and services to the military, and rebuild the countries we’ve bombed. They also own investment firms like The Caryl Group, where Bush Sr. worked, who invests in military supplies companies, and have made billions since 9/11.

It allowed them to create the Department of Homeland Security, to create more control over our lives.

Doesn’t it seem odd that Americans and American children are groped by the TSA at airports, in the name of security, but the alleged 9/11 suspects were all Islamic men?

It allowed them to enact The Patriot Act, which overrides our constitutional rights.


Psychology experts explain in this video.

To see the many Jewish/Israel people who were involved in 9/11, click on http://www.whale.to/b/israel_did_911.html

The Osama bin Laden Hoax

If you want the truth about the Osama bin Laden assassination, click on Osama bin Laden Hoax


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Interesting site – good job articulating and presenting the information clearly and effectively.


Realtruth July 25, 2016 at 9:41 am

SEPTEMBER CLUES: the 9/11 psyop exposed: the media aired a “Made-for-TV Hollywood movie”
It has taken less than 10 years to pry open the can of worms enshrouding the pathetic 9/11 scam. The central role of the major newsmedia corporations to pull off this sordid “terror” simulation has now been comprehensively exposed. Before joining this forum, please get familiar with the research at: http://www.septemberclues.info


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Not saying I don’t believe you but how did Obama get in office? For 8 years? Why wouldn’t they want another “Bush”? If 911 was false why not do it at night so children wouldn’t be killed? It still would’ve been horrific and believable. People would be just as freaked out.


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This is really wacko conspiracy stuff designed to keep people from the obvious truth. As one commentator said if Bush and the big Bankers were behind this how did Obama get elected, a total unknown. Also if they have all that power why didn’t Jeb Bush get nominated and then elected. All this is crap and much more could be said.


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